Our Team


Tulika Choudhary, Founder

Tulika has been passionate about fashion ever since graduating from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi in 1992. After working all around the world, she along with two partners set up Asmara International, a fashion buying house in 2000, which has grown since then into one of the largest fashion buying houses in Asia with offices in 10 countries and over 2000 employees. Loom Tree grew as a concept from Tulika’s love for traditional Asian craft and textiles and a desire to showcase that in a contemporary way to the world. With her background in fashion and her experience working with the best brands globally, Tulika is an invaluable asset to the Loom Tree Team.



Devender Gupta, Founder

Devender has always followed his dreams and passions and has managed to build very successful businesses around them. After graduating from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi in 1992, he worked in various fashion companies around the globe, before venturing on setting up Asmara International, along with Tulika and one more partner. Devender is also the Founder of Inceptra Lifestyle which has successfully launched many mainstream brands in the domestic market in India. Devender leads the vision for Loom Tree and is instrumental in defining our brand values and our philosophy.



Madhulika Choudhary, Founder & Head, Loom Tree Foundation

Madhulika has worked in the social sector in U.K. for 20 years. In her roles as Social Work education pr ...a national charity St.Mungos Broadway.. she developed and ran training programs for social workers who work with the homeless in Europs. Before moving to the U.K., Madhulika worked for many years with Dastkar, one of the foremost craft NGOs in India where she travelled the length and breadth of the country working with various craft communities. It was this love for craft that drew Madhulika back to India with a desire to give back to the community in some way. This led to forming of the Loom Tree Foundation which aims to work with NGOs in different parts of asia in income generation and community development schemes which will benefit the craft communities that Loom Tree works with. With her expertise and experience in the craft sector in India, Madhulika leads our engagement with the various artisans and craftsmen that we work with.