Embroidery is the handcraft of decorating fabric with needle and thread or yarns and different types of beads and materials . Sequin embroidery incorporates using disk shaped beads, these are available in wide range and variety of colours and geometrical shapes .

Embroidery and handcraft techniques were at the peak of the Mughal rule in India, in the 16th century in the reign of the Mughal emperor Akbar , handcrafted and embellished apparel were in real vogue under the Patronage of the Akbar, the imperial workshops in the towns of India turned out masterpieces of workmanship in fabrics and the figures and patterns and knots and variety of embroideries were outstanding and could astonish the most well experienced travellers. Embroidery was an important art in the medieval Islamic world in cities like Damascus / Cairo and Istanbul embroidery was visible on each and very fabric that was used in the daily lives .

Embroideries from India have been a constant source of inspiration to all the leading designers of the world.