Bhagalpur is a city and a Municipal corporation situated on the southern bank of the Ganges in the Indian state of Bihar. It is the third largest city in Bihar and the largest city in Eastern Bihar. The silk industry in the city is hundreds of years old producing Tussar Silk and Tussar Saree, and Bhagalpur is known in India as the "Silk City". The Silk Institute and Agricultural University are located in the town.

Total number of weavers in Bihar is more than 90,000. Bhagalpur is known as leading silk city. Gaya –another major weaving centre –around 8000. There is a strong traditional handloom clusters in the districts of Bhagalpur, Gaya, Nalanda, Darbhanga, Madhubani, Siwan, Patna. More than a century old Tussar silk weaving industry in Bhagalpur has about 30,000 handloom weavers working on some 25,000 handlooms.

Bhagalpuri Silk 

The finest texture of Silk springing out from the essence of nature and  known as the ‘Queen of all fabrics’, Bhagalpuri Silk is very well known for its unique and striking resilience and superior quality. This intrinsic artwork showcases the original essence of Bhagalpur in its purest and flawless form. It is filled with every slice of Indian cultural aspects which are drawn from the intricacies of the natural surroundings and which are symbolic in its own form.

There are many specialties and varieties that enhance and spread out the beauty of this artwork to a greater extent. Varieties like Katia, Giccha, Eri, Mulberry and various varieties of Tussar silk yarn facilitate in giving this fabric a pastoral look and provide an essence of delicateness to its texture. These varieties are known to give the fabric a rich and a royal outlook and retaining the enchanting designs and motifs imprinted in them.

Tussar silk 

Tussar silk  also known as (Sanskrit) Kosa Silk) is produced from larvae of several species of silk worms belonging to the moth genus Antheraea These silkworms live in the wild forest in trees as well as other food plants like AsanArjunJamun and Oak found in South Asia, eating off the leaves of the trees they live on.Tussar is valued for its rich texture and natural deep gold colour.
Apart from the Silk fabrics from Bhagalpur , a lot of different variety of cotton blended fabrics are very famous from Bhagalpur , Cotton linen / cotton silk / cotton viscose are all handwoven in Bhagalpur .