AW15 Coat Trends in Fashion


The title of this post is slightly misleading. Although I will talk you through the outerwear trends for AW15, you don’t have to follow them. In fact, I’d rather you didn’t because what you really need is a coat that will last season after season. A classic style you’ll want to wear in five years time, and maybe even rediscover in 20 years time after a stint in the loft. That’s the sort of coat you want, but let’s take a look at what you’re likely to find in the shops this season.


More fluffy than furry, colourful shearling coats were seen at Lanvin and Armani, patchwork fluff cover-ups at Preen and luxe faux fur at Stella McCartney and Louis Vuitton. Unfortunately for every designer showing faux fur on the AW15 catwalks was a designer using real.


This isn’t just red. It’s pillar-box red, as seen at Dior, Marni and Fendi. Just today Burberry have launched their Christmas campaign with non-other than Naomi Campbell sporting a Rudolph-red classic trench (*not it’s official name).


Any coat that makes you look like you’re on the way to the library is a hit this season. Gucci did it best.


Oversized coats can be very comforting to wear, and flattering too. Check out the short boxy styles at Philip Lim or asymmetric tailoring at Stella McCartney.


Some designers just couldn’t decide which trend they liked best so they shoved it all on one coat. These jackets are created by clashing patterns, embellishments and fluffy cuffs. See the beautiful styles at Erdem.

fur coat boho

And The Eco-Edit: Hints and tips for making ethical choices.

  • Buy a second-hand coat. Outerwear is perfect for picking up second-hand because it’s usually pretty sturdy, timeless and you don’t have to be concerned with skin-to-skin contact. Scour your local charity shops, vintage stores or eBay and you might just find yourself a bargain AND give a coat a home.
  • Look for wool or organic cotton. Coats made of wool are going to be more expensive than synthetic fabrics (unless you find a second-hand one!) but you’re paying for a good quality fibre that’s renewable, biodegradable and naturally shower proof. Organic cotton is kinder to the environment than conventionally grown cotton and may suit your trench coat requirements.
  • Don’t buy real fur. It goes without saying that I don’t condone real fur, although vintage fur is down to personal preference. Synthetic fur is better than real, but even then it’s going to be produced by resource intensive, polluting methods.
  • Think about whether you want to wear leather (are there any leather trims?) or whether you’d prefer a vegetarian jacket. Vegan fashion is all the rage.
Emma Waight