How to Style Jeans for Genes Day

Jeans for Genes Day is a unique way that clothing can have a positive impact. The innovative initiative raises funds for Genetic Disorders UK, a charity supporting families affected by genetic disorders. Shockingly, one in twenty-five children are affected by a genetic disorder, which may be diagnosed at birth or later in life. On Jeans for Genes Day (Friday 18th September 2015), the charity asks workers to head to the office in jeans and make a donation of £2 towards the work of the charity.

Clearly it’s all for a great cause, but what if the idea of wearing denim to work makes you a bit queasy? If you normally feed off the confidence oozing from your slick skirt suit, swapping to casual attire in front of work colleagues can be quite a leap. Pencil skirts are instantly flattering, but our bodies can look totally different in denim. Just like a school mufti day, coming out of uniform requires careful planning.

So how do you wear denim with style and confidence in the office?

  • Most importantly, check that your favourite jeans are clean! You don’t want to get up Friday morning and discover they’re actually in the wash basket after a coffee incident the previous weekend.
  • Avoid a hipster cut waistband. You’ll be paranoid of giving your colleagues a show every time you sit down, as well as constantly pulling them up. It’s just not worth it.
  • Go for dark indigo or black if you still want to look smart. The darker the denim, the more flattering the look.
  • Team with ankle boots for the perfect smart/casual balance.
  • Opt for a straight leg or slim fit cut, but avoid super skinny or super flared, both of which are more suitable for a night out.
  • Distressed jeans are cool, but avoid them if you work in a formal office, or if the jeans themselves have huge great holes in!
  • If you really can’t face getting your legs into jeans, wear a denim skirt or shirt dress. An A-line denim midi teamed with a cream blouse and standout belt is smart yet stylish.

 The charity also has ideas for workers who aren’t able to go to work in denim. They suggest wearing something blue instead; think blue socks or a blue tie. Another great option is to set up a drinks counter at the end of the day and charge colleagues for a ‘gene and tonic’.

With everyone feeling more relaxed in their dressed-down attire, it’s also a great opportunity to go out after work for food or drinks to celebrate the start of the weekend.

Emma Waight