5 Ways to Boost Your Productivity

Even if you don’t have kids or work as a teacher, September still has a ‘back to school’ feeling about it. As we wave goodbye to the summer, complete with the bank holiday weekends and long lunch breaks, it can be a struggle to get back into a working routine. Not to mention the fact that there are just three months left of the year. Three months! Are you on track to reach your goals this year? We certainly are with the launch of a new fashion brand. Yet, we know there are always means to do things better, hence our ‘5 Ways to Boost your Productivity’.

  1. Set realistic goals

It’s not enough to produce endless lists, what you need are realistic goals or aims. What do you want to achieve by the end of the year? And how can you split it into manageable chunks? Prioritise your list into ‘need to’ ‘should do’ and ‘would be nice to’ and work through tasks in this order. By keeping your daily to-do list relatively short you avoid the negative thoughts that come from not ticking everything off.

  1. Break up your working day.

Remember how lessons dragged on at school? Teachers can pack a whole lot into 60 minutes! Sitting at your desk for eight hours straight isn’t going to keep your attention. It’s better to break the day up into chunks; try 15 minutes on email, followed by an hour on one task, followed by an hour on another. It feels manageable, not to mention more urgent, if you have a restricted time to work on something, and it allows you to enjoy a varied working day.

  1. Face your fears

That ‘need to’ list mentioned before might well be the most difficult to tackle. Maybe it’s a phone call you’ve been putting off or the need to get your finances in check. Whatever task on your to-do list makes you feel most anxious, just do it. Right away. Procrastination cultivates a horrid cycle of self-loathing so stop before it gets to that stage.

  1. Find the app that works for you

There are endless apps available to help with productivity. From list writing and reminder setting to easier ways to collaborate, the trick is not to go overboard but to work out what your weakness is and focus on fixing it. SelfControl is a free mac application that allows you to block certain websites for particular time periods, whilst Focus Booster encourages you to work in short, fast blocks and take regular breaks based on the proven pomodoro technique.

  1. Take breaks

Which leads us to the last point – take breaks! Research has proven taking regular breaks boosts productivity, so go for a cuppa, get some fresh air and stretch your legs. It’s also really important to take time out for exercise and wellbeing so don’t skip that lunchtime yoga class on busy days.

Never underestimate what you can achieve.

Aditya Vashist

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